Artist, designer, businesswoman – thanks to her passion and perseverance, Ranita Sobańska is each and everyone of them. As a modern woman, she fulfills herself in many areas: fashion, sports and art. Despite various challenges, he draws strength to continue working and always remains herself.

From a diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, through designing for the brand House,  and then working at 4F, Sobańska developed towards creating original collections under the RS logo. Presented, among others during Fashion Week Poland, the designs are worn by the most stylish Polish stars and clients all over Europe.

Working for many years for 4F, Ranita was responsible for creating sports and lifestyle collections sold in over 40 countries, shaping global trends in design and fashion technology. She also headed the team that designed the competition and gala ceremony uniforms for the Olympic teams of eight different countries.

Ranita’s  professional role allows her to look at fashion from a unique perspective: both creation and business. Her passion and many years of experience in pushing the limits of both areas enable her to design unique garments for active women.

Unique creations and modern business outfits perfectly frame what is most beautiful in women: personality and talent.

Ranita Sobańska