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Classic does not require stagnation. Minimalism is a material that becomes futuristic, elegant and classy in the hands of a designer.

Ranita Sobańska FUSION is a series of classics from  women’s  wardrobes subject to reinterpretation. Timeless elements of the dress code in the hands of Sobańska take on modern lines, technically advanced details and futuristic forms. This is how an unprecedented fusion of luxury fashion and business etiquette is created. Blazers with architectural cuts, sophisticated shirts and avant-garde cocktail dresses allow RS FUSION’s customers to express their own style as much as possible – in a stylish, modern elegance.

As the creative director of a leading sports brand, Ranita Sobańska manages the creation of collections sold in over 40 countries. This role allows her to look at fashion from a unique perspective: from the sides of creation and business. Many years of experience in crossing the boundaries of both areas allows her to design a unique wardrobe for active women – just like her.

Ranita Sobańska