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Designs for Fashion Shows

True art is born out of a bold vision, but making your fantasies come true requires groundbreaking techniques.

Ranita Sobańska VISION is a collection of avant-garde and technologically advanced creations. The combination of enthusiasm for sports with high fashion aesthetics creates a bold fashion for special occasions and stage performances. Sorbet hues, futuristic textures and loud typography emphasize every word on the lips of women wearing them. RS VISION is a platform for the designer’s cooperation with other creators – as well as clients who are responsible for bringing life to Sobańska’s creations.

As the creative director of a leading sports brand, Ranita Sobańska has been creating trends in design and fashion technology for years. She manages the team that designs competition and national team uniforms for the Olympic teams of eight countries. Many years of cooperation with the greatest athletes in the world provides her with a unique insight into a world where the effect of the climax is essential.

Ranita Sobańska